Guaranteed Rent Scheme

Profound Property Sourcing will GUARANTEE the rent on your property regardless of whether a sub-tenant pays us or not, we will pay the agreed guaranteed rent to you.

As the landlord, you will not need to take any additional cover to protect yourself for rent arrears as this is all covered by Profound Property Sourcing, therefore saving you time, money and giving you peace of mind.

Should there be any legal proceedings such as tenant disputes and tenant’s evictions, Profound Property Sourcing will meet all legal expenses and all court costs.


With our Guaranteed Rent service, we will provide the following:

  • Advertise your property and find suitable sub-tenant(s)
  • Where necessary, obtain references and carry out credit checks as appropriate on any sub-tenant(s).
  • Drawing up relevant tenancy agreements including negotiated clauses
  • Arranging, if necessary an independent Inventory, Gas Safety Certificate and Energy Performance Certificate.
  • Check-In sub-tenant(s) into the property and agree the inventory
  • Manage all day to day tenant queries and issues for the property
  • Transfer all utility bills including council tax liability into sub-tenant(s) name from the start of the tenancy.


Features of the scheme

  • Rent paid even if your property is empty
  • Rent paid even if the sub-tenant fails to pay
  • Rental payments paid on time every-time to the landlord
  • Regular property inspections to ensure the property is being maintained as expected
  • Property returned to the landlord in the same condition as initially presented, subject to fair wear and tear allowances
  • Annual Maintenance allowance of up to £100 included
  • Hassle-free service for the landlord


Benefits of the scheme

  • No void periods
  • No arrears
  • No late payments
  • No problem tenants
  • Full management service
  • Guaranteed contract start date
  • First £100 of annual maintenance covered
  • No setup fees
  • No letting agency fees
  • Improved cash-flow
  • No eviction costs
  • No stress, hence total peace of mind


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